Malta Airport Departures Procedures

The following guide is designed to provide information about Malta Airport Departures and its procedures.

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Just like any other major International airport, if you are wishing to fly from Malta airport, you will be required undertake several procedures before you are allowed to fly.

Malta Airport Departures Check-In

Before you are allowed to board any flight from Malta International airport, you will first need to check-in for your flight. When you arrive at Malta Airport Departures you will need to check-in for your flight (unless you have checked-in Online) and you can do this at the airport. Inside the Check-in Hall at Malta International Airport, there are 28 check-in desks and each flight is allocated their own desk for a specific flight. The easiest way to find out which check-in desks have been allocated for your flight is to look on one of the overhead monitors inside the Check-in Hall. The monitors will display which check-in desks have been allocated for your flight.

The Departures Hall at Malta Airport can become busy, especially during peak periods and it is recommended that you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight.

Malta Airport Departures Once you know which check-in desks have been allocated for your flight, you will need to make your way to the desk and wait in the queue to check-in for your flight. At the check-in desk, you will be required to place your hold luggage on the weighing scales and also present the relevant documents needed to fly. These generally include your passport and ticket (if applicable or Boarding Pass if you have checked-in online and are just wishing to check-in Hold Luggage). The member of staff at the check-in desk will then issue you with your Boarding Pass.

Please Note: Each airline has its own regulations regarding weight limits for both ‘Hold’ Luggage and ‘Hand’ luggage. It is advisable to make yourself familiar with these restrictions because you will be charged if you exceed the weight limit.

Once you have successfully checked-in for your flight, you can then proceed to the security Area.

Online Check-In

Several airlines now allow you to check-in online and if you choose to use this method and are only travelling with ‘Hand Luggage’, you can make your way straight to the Security area. However, if you are wishing to check-in ‘Hold Luggage’ for your flight, you will need to visit the check-in desk for your flight.

Warning: If you check-in online, ensure you print off your Boarding Pass and take it with you to the airport. Failure to produce your Boarding Pass will mean that the airline will have to re-issue you with a new Boarding Pass and many of the Low Cost airlines will charged you for the privilege and it can be as much as £100!

Inside the Check-in Hall at Malta airport there are many facilities available for passengers, the following is a quick list of those facilities:

Check-in Desks – There are 28 check-in desks inside the Hall

Information Desk

Globe Ground Malta – Desk

Egypt Air – Desk

Air Malta – Desk

City Center – Office

Emirates – Desk

Lufthansa – Desk

Libyan Arab Airlines – Desk

Alitalia – Desk

DC Avaitaion Office

21st Century KD Travel


Cigarettes Vending Machine

Newsagent & Bookshop

Toilets – With Disabled and Bay Changing facilities

Claires Accessories Shop

Luggage Weighing Scales

Liquid Contents Bags

Luggage Wrap

Costa Coffee

Waste Recycling Bins

Bank Of Valletta

Free WiFi Hotspots

Dr Juice

Chapel Downstairs

Clasic Opticians

Post Office and Post Box

Security Control

The security area at Malta airport is located to the right of the Check-in Hall (if you are facing the check-in desks) between the Departures and Arrivals area. When you reach the Security area, you will need to place your hand luggage on the conveyor belt to go through the Xray machine. You will also be required to place any loose items on your person into one of the trays provided. You yourself will be required to pass through a body scanner and it is advisable to place any metal objetcs you may be carrying in the tray. Items such as belts, coins, boots and metal jewellery will need to be placed in the tray.

Please Note: You are only allowed to carry liquids in containers with a maximum size of 100ml. Any liquids in bottles or container should be placed inside a transparent plastic bag and then placed in one of the trays provided. Any bottles that exceed 100ml will be confiscated.

Many people get frustrated having to go through these Security checks but please remember that these Security measures are in operation for your own safety.

Once you have cleared security, you can make your way to the Departures Lounge and Departure Gates which are located on the upper level. There are both stairs and an escalator from the Security area to the upper level. At the top of the stairs/escalator you will need to turn right and follow the signs for the ‘Departure Gates’ & ‘VIP Lounge’. This will then lead you through the Duty Free Store where you can purchase a large variety of Duty Free products and gifts.

Malta Airport Departures Lounge

In the main Departure Lounge at Malta airport you will find a large number of shops, cafes and bars. The following is a list of the facilities and shops that are available to passengers in the Departure Lounge:

Information Desk

Agenda Bookshop


Style Junkie – Casual & Sportswear shop

Diamonds International

Singu1ar – Clothing 7 Handbags

Spirit Of Malta – Gift Shop

Café Jet Express

Café Tazzo Doro


Hard Rock Cafe

Rock Shop

Hugo Boss

Swarovski – Crystals


Power point and Chargering Facility

Massage Chairs


Free WiFi Hotspots

Immigration Control

Passport Control

Your flight will be allocated a Departure/Boarding Gate and these Gates are situated around the outer side of the Departures Lounge. You will need to keep looking at the overhead monitors to find out which Gate your flight has been allocated and when your flight is boarding. When your flight is ready for boarding, simply make your way to the appropriate Gate and wait for your flight to board.

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