Malta Airport Arrivals And Procedure

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As with any other International airport, when you arrive at Malta Airport Arrivals there are certain procedures that you will need to undertake.

Once your aircraft has landed at Malta International airport, it will then taxi into the allocated parking bay. Once the aircraft has stopped, the Ground Support at the airport will then attach the staircase for you to disembark the plane. Once you have disembarked the aircraft, you will need to make your way across the Apron to the Terminal building. Members of the Airline staff and also members of the airport Ground Support staff will be there to guide you and ensure your transition from the aircraft to the Terminal building is a safe one.

As you enter the Arrivals Terminal you have toilets to your left hand side should you require to use them and you will see the overhead signs in front of your for the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ are. Proceed forward and then turn right for the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ are. You will then make your way down a long corridor/walkway towards the ‘Baggage Reclaim. Situated on the right hand side of the corridor is an ATM (HSBC) if you need to withdraw money and there is also a ‘The Bank Of Valletta’ desk. Once you reach the end of the corridor, you will need to turn left and either take the escalator or the stairs that lead down to the ‘Baggage Reclaim’.

Baggage Reclaim’ Area Inside Malta Airport Arrivals

Once you have entered the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area, you will need to locate the correct carousel for your luggage. There are 6 carousels inside the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area and each flight arrival at Malta airport is allocated its own carousel. There are overhead monitors above the carousels that inform passengers of which carousel has been allocated for their flight. Once you have located the appropriate carousel, simply stand by it and wait for your luggage to appear.

Please Note: If you are only travelling with hand luggage, obviously you can make your way straight to the main Arrivals exit door.

Facilities Inside The Baggage Reclaim Area

There are several facilities inside the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area for passengers to use.

Duty Free Shop: Inside the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area you will find a Duty Free shop and if you need to buy alcohol or cigarettes for your stay, this is the ideal place to buy them.

Trolleys: There are trolleys available for passengers and each trolley requires a €1 deposit. You will need to place the €1 coin into the slot on the top of the trolley to release the trolley. Once you return the trolley and insert the tag back into the slot, you will receive your €1 back.

There is also a coin exchange machine available if you do not have a €1 coin.

Sixt Rent A Car have a desk inside the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ as well as one inside the main Arrivals area.

Airport Shuttle Buses: Malta Transfers have a desk inside the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area for passengers wishing to book a transfer through them.

Toilets: There are toilets available at the far end of the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ area.

Information: There is Free information available for passengers.

In The Main Malta Airport Arrivals Area

Malta Airport ArrivalsOnce you have successfully reclaimed your luggage, you will need to make your way through to the main Arrivals area at Malta airport. The main Arrivals area (know as the Welcomers’ Hall), is where you will be greeted by your representative if you have booked a holiday that has transfer included. If you are being collected by a friend or family member, this is where they will be waiting for. If you have arranged or are arranging your own transfer, this is where you will find all the different forms of transport.

As you walk through the doors into the main Arrivals area, you will see a number of shops, cafes, tour operator desks and transfer options.

Arriva Bus: Immediately in front of you is the Arriva bus information desk. If you are wanting to catch a bus from the airport to your chosen destination and would like to know more information and times, simply make you way to the desk and a member of staff will provide you with the relevant information.

To the left you have:

Car Hire: To your left you will see the numerous car hire desks. If you have pre-booked your car hire in advance, you will need to make your way to the appropriate desk to collect your keys.

Tour Operators and Coaches: There are many Tour Operators situated to the left of the Arrivals door and if you have booked through one of the Tour Operators and the representative is not waiting for you in the Arrivals area, you will need to make your way to the desk.

Taxis: Taxis are located outside the main Arrivals area and if you walk to your left, you will see the a stand inside the Arrivals area with all the taxi drivers waiting.

Information Desk: There is an Information desk inside the Arrivals area and this is located at the far end to the left as you enter through the main Arrivals doors.

HSBC Bank: There are several ATM’s inside the Arrivals area.

Costa Coffee: There is a Costa Coffee inside the main Arrivals are at Malta airport.

Azure Supreme Travel: Azure Supreme Travel have a desk inside the main Arrivals area which is located to the left of Costa Coffee.

To The Right:

Pharmacy: There is a Pharmacy located directly to the right.

Tilllate Convenience Store: There is a Tilllate convenience store located to the which sell a wide variety of different products should you require to make any last minute purchases.

Globe Ground Malta: The Globe Ground Malta desk is situated next to the Arriva bus desk.

Vodafone: Vodafone have a desk inside the Arrivals area.

Exit: Located between the ‘Globe Ground Malta’ and ‘Vodafone’ desk are the Exit doors to the bus stops, Rental cars and Car Park.

Food Court: If you walk to your right and follow the ‘Departures’ signs, you will see the Food court. The food court has many well known outlets such as Burger King, Fat Harry’s and KFC.

Outside The Main Arrivals

Located outside the Arrivals area you will find taxis and the bus stops. The taxis are locate to the left and the bus stops are to your right, you cannot miss them. The airport car parking is situated opposite the Malta airport arrivals Terminal and the car rental parking located at the far side of the car park.

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